Bluetooth Low Energy beacon (iBeacons compliant) that offers applications context-awareness through proximity sensing technology with greater detail than GPS or WiFi networks. No waiting or fuss. Beacons are fully functional for over two years using two standard AAA batteries (pre-installed inside every beacon). Should the batteries expire, they are user replaceable by using a simple screwdriver.


Never fear water again! Gelo Beacons are IP66 rated for dust and water resistance. You can fully submerge a Gelo beacon in water, or leave it exposed to rain and ice and the Gelo beacon will remain operational.

All-terrain rugged

Gelo Beacons are rugged, all-terrain, all-season devices. They can withstand cold weather, ice, and snow. They are also UV-protected, and can withstand exposure to outdoor heat, humidity, and direct sunlight for years at a time.

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